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Lavender Alpaca Boucle Nekker

From Italy we have this beautiful lavender alpaca boucle` yarn that has a little bit of merino in it for strength. The texture that results from these boucle` yarns is really something and because of the skilled spinning the alpaca is able to show off its softness. In alternating rows is a handspun, handpainted merino yarn from South America that is equally as soft and beautiful. Both of these yarns are the right softness for wearing next to the delicate skin of the neck and they'll give you lots of years of warmth and durability. 

$120.00 + 6.00 shipping

Greens, Yellows and Whites

Believe it or not, four amazing yarns have gone into this beauty. A white Italian yarn that's a blend of baby alpaca and silk. A thin yellow strand of vintage wool, probably also from Italy based on the cone it was on when I bought it. A strand of handpainted merino and silk from Montana that's giving us all those wonderful shades of green. And finally the deep green alpaca boucle` yarn in the band that's also from Italy. This is a great big thick cap with a massive turned up band that makes it as though you had two caps on instead of one. It fits beautifully, it's crazy warm and soft and it's going to last you a long long time. 

$120.00 + 6.00 shipping

Orange Merino Boucle` Nekker

Boucle` yarns are so beautiful but it took a lot of years to get good at crocheting with them because the tip of the hook will often get caught on the loops in the yarn and slow things down a lot. I've persisted and now I love working with this classic yarn. Coupled with the boucle` is a really cool multi-color merino yarn from Taiwan that completely changes its orange boucle` companion without overwhelming it. I love the subtlety here and I also really love the softness. 

$120.00 + 6.00 shipping

Italian and Peruvian Baby Alpaca

The white yarn in this Four Corners cap is a blend of baby alpaca and silk from Italy. It is amazingly soft and smooth and is a perfect companion for the strand of Peruvian alpaca tweed in white, tan and brown. The cap is trimmed in the baby alpaca/silk yarn. The fit is snug but not tight so it'll stay on nicely no matter what you're doing. Thick, warm, soft and wonderful on. It's a beauty. 

160.00 + 6.00 shipping


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Cashmere Merino and Silk Nekker

Four strands of yarn were crocheted together here for an amazingly soft and beautifully colored Nekker that will thrill you from the moment you first feel it in your hands and around your neck. These are small strands of yarn that bring together cashmere, ultrafine merino and silk. Yum. 

180.00 + 6.00 shipping
Alpaca, Merino and Silk in Greens

If you like the greens of underwater fish and coral then you might wanna consider this beautiful Nekker. I have joined a strand of Peruvian alpaca tweed with a strand of handpainted merino/silk and a thin strand of handpainted ultrafine merino. Stunning partners in this fabric that constantly modulates through a panoply of greens and subtle greys and browns. It's thick and super soft and perfect for the sensitive skin of your neck. 

140.00 + 6.00 shipping
Purple Baby Alpaca Nekker

Nekkers are the most amazing winter wear imaginable. Once you get used to having your neck warm it's almost impossible to leave it bare in the winter. Jed and I wear our Nekkers constantly. This Nekker is a combination of Peruvian baby alpaca in purple, handpainted Uruguayan merino and a strand of natural Peruvian alpaca tweed. It's trimmed in the baby alpaca for an extra treat up around the top of the neck.

$140.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Golden Merino - Natural Alpaca

I saw this golden hand-dyed merino in a favorite yarn shop in San Rafael and it jumped out into my arms. Rich colors are complimented by a strand of a Peruvian alpaca tweed in three of its natural colors - I used that same tweed to trim the cap with. It's thick and warm and feels amazing on. Plenty of room for anybody's head but it's not loose.

160.00 + 6.00 shipping

Pure Peruvian Alpaca

Alpaca is hard to beat on just about any level you wish to define it. Here I've taken a few strands of Peruvian alpaca in their natural colors and created this very simple Four Corners Pussy Cap. It's trimmed in more black alpaca. It has a nice drape and a wonderful softness that's typical of this superfine grade of alpaca yarn. Easy fit for just about anybody's head. 

140.00 + 6.00 shipping