In our quest to bring you the softest and finest yarns possible we purchase them from all over the world. We use only animal-fibered yarns that are both millspun and handspun. Some of them are in their natural colors, like alpaca, and others have been kettle-dyed, hand-painted or dyed in the wool. Whatever the final yarns used in each cap they're the absolute best we can find. It's all about the yarns.

Some Thoughts About 
Natural Animal Fibers

We use natural animal-fibered yarns in our caps and nekkers for a number of reasons. The most important reason is because we like the feel of them in our hands and we like the way they look. From an environmental perspective animal fibers are a renewable source of warmth and protection. The farming of most fiber-producing animals is far kinder to the environment than the production of fibers from petroleum or those that involve a lot of chemical processing.

From a strictly utilitarian point of view animal fibers are warmer and insulate better than artificial fibers, making them a perfect choice for our caps. Also, most animal fibers will repel moisture or wick it away rather than retain it.

So yes, there's a lot of good reasons for us to use natural animal fibers in our caps. But more than anything else it's about the way these fibers look and feel. Hold a cap made from alpaca or cashmere in one of your hands and then hold a cap made from acrylic in the other and we think you'll easily understand the difference.

Deb McMurtrie has a herd of alpacas in Kamas, Utah and in this picture she's modeling a cap that I made with yarns from Cuervo and Shine's fibers. They're both pictured below.
For the most part, crocheting these one of a kind caps and nekkers is about indulging our love of these natural yarns and fibers that we like looking at, feeling in our hands and wearing on our heads. The possibilities for combining the yarns are limitless and it all happens pretty spontaneously. We go with what we're seeing and feeling in the moment and trust that our instincts will give us some beautiful combinations.


After almost twenty years of being asked if we sell yarn we've decided to finally do it. Some of our finest yarns will soon be for sale here on the website and in person at our shows. Check back soon for the first listings which will begin to appear in January of 2020.